DW Coffee grower and exporter has been registered and established under the Ethiopian law and engaged in the export of the Ethiopian Green Arabica coffee worldwide. The company owned by Mr. Demissie Edema who is well known coffee grower and supplier from Guji zone for the past 22 years. As the owner has good experience in coffee farming starting from his infancy stage.

  • The company has five washed coffee pulping stations at Guji Zone & four unwashed coffee processing industry.
  • The company gives emphasize for the principles of speciality coffee “micro climate and single origin “to do so It has established five separate specialty coffee drying stations with in Hambella Wamena Woreda of Guji Zone.
  • The company also has its own organic coffee farm.
  • 117 ha of organic coffee farm at Guji Zone Kercha Woreda.
  • 27 ha of organic coffee farm located in Hambella Wamena Woreda of Guji Zone.

DW Coffee Export Plc. is well known by its speciality coffee prepared by collecting only red –ripe coffee cherries from its own farm and out-grower farmers then drying on raised coffee drying beds established in close proximity to coffee growing areas of Guji Zone.

  • DW won the majority  of 2015/2016, 2016/2017 & 2017/2018 crop year regional and national taste of harvest competition award.
  • DW has been a member of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association & AFCA (African Fine coffee Association).

We export the best Ethiopian Arabica coffee of all categories (Specialty coffees, Sundried, washed).

The company acquire a group of efficient, dependable and sincere professionals who are graduates of higher institutions with M.A and M.SC. Our professional staffs have several years of experience in coffee production, processing and trading.