KCCE is a coffee exporting organization established by the Co-operative movement in Kenya to create linkages between the Kenyan Coffee producers and the world Market through a consistent and transparent supply chain.  In year 2009, small scale coffee farmers put their synergies together through their affiliate Co-operative Societies and established the organization to directly explore end to end farming, processing and marketing of their produce and also to leverage on their returns.


The vision of KCCE is to be the preferred Coffee Marketing Agent for the Co-operative Societies and other stakeholders in Kenya and the region.


The organization’s Mission is to offer services that result in farmers’ satisfaction by ensuring that the member farmers realize the highest possible financial returns through efficient and transparent management of stocks and marketing their coffee at the best prices possible for each specific lot.


About 65% of all Kenya coffee is produced by over 700,000 smallholder farmers on family farms, who process their coffee through around 430 co-operative societies. In this year’s event therefore, KCCE continues to showcase what the Kenyan coffee farmer has to offer to the international coffee consumers.

Coffee contains more than 800 different aromatic compounds. This is especially true of coffee from Kenya, the origin of nature’s finest coffee. Kenya’s Arabica coffee is grown in well drained volcanic soils mostly around the snow capped Mt. Kenya, Aberdare ranges, Mt. Elgon, and the Kisii highlands. Kenya coffee is harvested and sorted by hand to ensure that only the red ripe cherries are processed. Further, 90% of all Kenyan coffee is processed using the “wet method” and dried under the warm tropical sun so as to retain its natural taste and aroma. The care that is taken during contributes to the undisputed high quality and uniqueness of Kenya Coffee. It is thus no surprise that Kenya Coffee gives such a deeply satisfying experience of life.


Smallholder coffee farmers in Kenya have for a long time wanted to market their coffee directly to buyers overseas, but lacked the necessary linkages do so. This has now been addressed with the formation of KCCE as the farmers’ vehicle to the international market through the direct sales approach also referred to as the “second window” introduced in Kenya in 2005 through an act of Parliament. The second window of direct trade operates alongside Kenya’s traditional coffee auction system. Coffee buyers and farmers are now linked directly giving quality and price benefits to both. It was for this objective that the Kenya Co-operative Coffee Exporters was established by the Co-operative movement as a vehicle to promote individual wet mills and market their coffee as such.


KCCE guarantees you the finest coffees reputed the world over for their full bodied, fruity floral tastes, with deep aromatic overtones. Since KCCE markets coffee on behalf of the grower members from the whole country, buyers are guaranteed continuous supplies throughout the year.

When you buy coffee from KCCE, you do not only get the best Coffee Kenya direct from the farmers, but also benefiting over 700,000 small scale coffee farmers by facilitating fair returns from their coffee sales.

KCCE has put in place a marketing model where efficiency is emphasized through use of ICT to ensure commodity traceability, the setting up of a database and best practice information among farmers, Government, coffee buyers and direct consumers.

Together, let us all experience Coffee Kenya, a journey of the senses.