Who we are

DW Coffee grower and exporter has been registered and established under the Ethiopian law and engaged in the export of the Ethiopian Green Arabica coffee worldwide. The company owned by Mr. Demissie Edema who is well known coffee grower and supplier from Guji zone for the past 20 years. As the owner has good experience in coffee farming starting from his infancy stage. This enables him to understand and control the quality of coffee starting from the farm.

The company has a vast experience in coffee business formely by using its own wet and dry coffee processing industries was coffee supplier from Guji and Borena Zone of Oromiya region.

Currently the company possess five washed coffee pulping stations at Guji Zone. They include; Hambella Wamena Woreda, Tirtiro Goye Kebele, Kercha Wereda, Kercha Inshe Kebele, Bule Hora Woreda, Hartume Kebele, Bule Hora Woreda, Sarage Kebele, Odo Shakiso Woreda, and Sewana Kebele (this is currently under construction and it will be ready for 2017/2018 crop years.

The company also possess four unwashed coffee processing industries at Guji Zone ; Hambella Wamena Wereda (Dimtu Town), Kercha Wereda (Kercha Town), Bule Hora Wereda( Bule Hora Town), and Odo Shakiso Wereda Sewana Kebele (this is also currently under construction and it will be functional for 2017/2018 crop year).

The company gives emphasise for the principles of speciality coffee “micro climate and single origin”to do so It has established five separate speciality coffee drying stations with in Hambella Wamena Woreda of Guji Zone. The following are raised bed coffee drying station located at; Buku Abel Kebele; Tirtiro Goye Kebele; Seke Bokosa, Haro Soresa, and Buku Saysay.

The company also has its own organic coffee farm in various areas such as; 117 ha of organic coffee farm at Guji Zone Kercha Woreda, particularly in Gurachu Jeldo Kebele. This is a place where the owner of the company is born and started coffee cultivation, processing and coffee supplying business, 27 ha of organic coffee farm located in Hambella Wamena Woreda of Guji Zone. This is the place where currently the top quality of Ethiopian coffee is found. The Hambela farm is located where the coffee farms are characterised by high quality fertile soil, good vegetation cover (shade tree) and at the altitude range of 2200-2280 masl. the coffee grown by DW from this area awarded in 2015/2016 crop year for attaining the second position in 2016 regional Africa taste of harvest competition.

DW Coffee Export Plc is well known by its speciality coffee prepared by collecting only red –ripe coffee cherries from its own farm and out-grower farmers then drying on raised coffee drying beds established in close proximity to coffee growing areas of Guji Zone particularly in five Kebeles of Hambella Wamena district. These coffees are collected and processed based on the principles of micro climate and single origin i.e. we separately collect and dry uniform coffees from uniform agro-ecology to have uniform cup quality.

As result we won the majority  of 2017 regional and national taste of harvest competition award that is held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the METAD SCAA Certified lab and CLU quality lab respectively from7th to 14th February, 2017.

DW also gives due attention for it’s out grower farmers and it provides technical and financial support for local farmers.DW also pays good price for farmers red-ripe coffee cherries and pays 70% of its profit for its out-growers. Therefore farmers are benefited being paid twice. This ensures the company’s capacity to continuously supply high quality coffee for export market.

DW Coffee Export PLC is also in the process of acquiring additional coffee farm land in the Guji Zone Hambella Wamena and Odo Shakiso Woreda Sewana Kebele the latter farm land is well known by its fertile soil and dense forest which makes it ideal for coffee growth and development.

The company has strong financial resources as well as performance and has the experience of working with different domestic banks. The company has worked in the domestic coffee trade for the last 20 years that boosted the commitment of the founder to go to the international market. DW has been a member of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association

We export the best Ethiopian Arabica coffee of all categories which include:

  1. Speciality coffees : Guji (Hambella) Q1 and Q2, Yirgacheffeq1 and Q2, and Sidamo Q1 and Q2
  2. Sundried: Sidamo G.4, Lekempti Grade 4 and 5, Djimma Grade 4 and 5, Harar Grade 4, and Yirgacheffe Grade 4
  3. Washed: Yirgacheffe Grade 2, Sidamo Grade 2, Limu Grade 2, and Teppi Grade 2

The company acquire a group of efficient, dependable and sincere professionals who are graduates of higher institutions with M.A and M.SC in different and compatible discipline such as coffee production, processing, Business management. Our professional staffs have several years of experience in coffee production, processing and trading.

Contact details

P.O.Box 24895/1000
Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Tel +251 11 557 6849
Fax +251 11 557 6850
Mobile +251 911-25-91-17/+251-964-15-93-10
Email: dwsp455@gmail.com
Website: www.dwcoffeeexport.com