The Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) is the Government agency supervised by the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for the co-ordination, promotion and generation of foreign and domestic investments, and also the development of traditional and non-traditional exports diversification, value addition and provision of support to Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • To promote investment opportunities in Sierra Leone and provide information to potential investors on matters relating to investments;
  • To facilitate registration of business enterprises and assist investors in obtaining permits, licenses, certificates or clearances needed for the commencement of business (that is, acting as a “one-stop” center);
  • To assist potential investors in identifying joint venture partners in Sierra Leone. To develop relationship between public and private sector for the growth of investment

Who we are:

SLIEPA functions as both a Trade Promotion Organization and a Trade Support Institution working with clients across the spectrum of the private and public sectors within and outside Sierra Leone.  We also have strong working collaborations with development partners like the World Bank, EU, African Development Bank (AfDB), DfID, USAID

The institution is headed by a Chief Executive Officer supported by two technical Directors, the Director of Investment Promotion & Director of Export Development.

All services are offered free of charge.

SLIEPA SIGNS MoU WITH PPP UNIT – The Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) on the 24th of January 2017 signed a memorandum of understanding with Public Private Partnership Unit (PPPU) in the office of the Chief of staff.

What we do:

a) Investment Promotion Activities: Image building, Investment generation, and Investors servicing and facilitation.

b) Export Development: The Agency also has the responsibility of developing the Export potential of the country. The main functions of the Export Promotion department of the agency include;

Encourage and promote the development and diversification of Export products – traditional and non-traditional – in order to impact the economy, Facilitate the export operations of small scale producers and manufacturers, Increase awareness of the potential of exports in value added products, Identify potential exporters and encourage them to invest in agriculture and other sectors of the economy, and Identify products with Export potential and identify marketing opportunities.

We offer services such as 24 hours’ response to all Investment and export related enquires, Provide relevant information soft and hard copy and frequent website update on general information, Taxation, business licensing and registration, and Manage Investor visits to Sierra Leone and offer aftercare services.

We also offer Export development services like Market intelligence for exporters, Market linkages, and Export facilitation and special services

Contact details

Chief Executive Officer: Raymond Kai Gbekie | rkgbekie@sliepa.org | +232-78-233712

Director of Export Development: S. Shiaka Kawa | skawa@sliepa.org | +232-76-603665

Director of Investment Promotion: Farrel Elliott | felliott@sliepa.org