About us

RWASHOSCCO – Rwanda Small Holder Specialty Coffee Company is a farmer owned business that focus on marketing, export and roasting of the Rwanda’s highest quality coffee beans. We spent more years working in the coffee farms, selling our coffee indirectly through a long value chain, so we established RWASHOSCCO to help us maintain the standard for every coffee bean and link us to the potential specialty coffee buyers across the world.

To achieve this, among other things, RWASHOSCCO provides farm and managerial trainings to its member small holder coffee farmers’ cooperatives and ensure 100% profit is sent back for the farms development activities.

We are on a mission to lead the Africa’s specialty coffee export sector and increase premium coffee sales to enable us to improve not only the lives of our farmers’ families but also impact the social welfare of thousands of rural Rwandans.

At RWASHOSCCO, we aspire to become a renowned Africa’s from farm to consumer specialty coffee company.  

Why source from RWASHOSCCO?

Our famers work collaboratively with in-house cuppers to ensure every decision made at the farm level is not by chance but rather based on lab results recommendation. And we have made that process part of our living.

We pride to have been born from coffee farmers self-initiative, who tirelessly strive to produce the best of coffee beans in east African region. This sets us apart from the rest of coffee traders allowing us not to require relations with origins because we are coffee origins already. This keeps us competitive in the market since it enables us to easily control every step of the bean from farm to package.  As a result, we continuously offer high end value products to our customers from the very first trial and on.

Our products includegreen beans and roasted coffee.  Samples are available on demand.

Our coffees are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, CAFÉ PRACTICES, USDA Organic certified.

Contact details

Email: info@rwashoscco.com / angelique@rwashoscco.com

Visit us at: www.rwashoscco.com

Tel: +250 788456614

P.O.BOX 7342, Kigali – Rwanda

Location: Mulindi, Ndera sector, Gasabo- Kigali and RWASHOSCCO, Gasabo – Kigali