TGEP Inc is a Canadian company specialized in the selection and importation of Arabica coffees. These coffee beans grown in Burundi, in East Africa land locked between Kenya and Tanzania on the east and south, Lake Tanganyika on the West and Rwanda at the north end. This is the country where tea, Palm oil, oranges grow all year round. The hills of Burundi will provide a unique coffee. Some say that Burundi is the best kept secret on that continent.

Grown in tropical climates, cultivated on hillsides of 1.600 to 2.500 meters, the coffee cherries have been picked by hand for generations, handmade, treated with organic fertilizers, harvested on human sized farms, we invite you to explore the hills of Burundi to discover one of the best Arabica coffee that Africa has to offer.

This is why TGEP was created as a partnership between associates living in Bujumbura and in Montreal, Canada. We select, finance, transport and negotiate Green coffee around the World. We invite you discover high quality coffee and the range of services provided by TGEP Inc. to make sure that your most demanding requirements are met:

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Website: www.tgep.ca

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  • Pierre-Paul Brassard, CEO,
    Tel: 1 514 912 4647,
    Email: ppb1@bell.net