From August 22nd to 24th, the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) conducted a quality control training session for exporters and producer cooperatives in Uganda. The training highlighted the benefits of the Taste of Harvest competition and auction protocols for developing, showcasing and exporting high-quality coffees from the East African region. The Taste of Harvest ambassador trainers stressed the importance of coffee export lead-time schedules, cupping standards and auction logistics processes.

“The training is so perfect in a way that it has given us the entire inside view of the Taste of Harvest experience and how it will work. There are extremely high chances that our specialty coffee will meet the market needs because of the skills gained in understanding the proper handling of specialty coffees. There is a clear structure and management system for all stakeholders and this provides the full package of transparency. There is need for continuous training on specialty coffees and marketing,” Dison Kareng, CEO Bros Coffee – Kapchorwa

With Hub support, AFCA is conducting training sessions around East Africa to ensure success for its Taste of Harvest auction. The Taste of Harvest auction and competition process provides East African smallholder producers with branding and marketing opportunities and the chance to access new markets for their small lots of high-quality coffee (5 to 50 bags). The Taste of Harvest Portal increases the visibility of winning African coffees to an international audience and provides a mechanism for sale to a wider range of buyers.


“Being a coffee producer and having been granted an opportunity by my company, gorilla summit coffee to attend this training means a lot and thanks to AFCA for such a tremendous effort. The training has contributed to my knowledge and understanding of how getting the best needs a lot of effort and more so a careful handling. The training has been a good measure of improving the quality of coffee as well as the prices. Meeting new people who know much more than I do has also been an eye opener and I have decided to learn more about cupping.” Ian Abigaba, Operations Manager, Gorilla Summit Coffee – Kanungu